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Welcome to CrossFit CSA, a passionate community of coaches and members who believe fitness is about one thing, RESULTS! Working out shouldn’t waste your time and life is too short to not have fun while your doing it! Utilizing the CrossFit methodology of fitness and nutrition, we strive to bring the reality of elite levels of fitness to the masses. CrossFit CSA is for everyone regardless of fitness level; our programs are scalable and adapted to the individuals skill and ability level. Our members are our biggest asset and we strive to foster a nurturing, caring community of CrossFit enthusiasts.

We are not your typical gym. We are a fitness facility. At CrossFit CSA we strive to break away from the current, flawed fitness model we see so prevalent in America. You won’t find mirrors, fancy machines, or a juice bar. What you will find are all the tools necessary to build elite levels of fitness. In most gyms, these tools are relegated to a dark, dusty corner; at CrossFit CSA the barbell is king, the pull-up bar is queen and dumbbells, rowers, kettle bells, box jumps, wall balls, rings, climbing ropes, a place to run and other “basic” and “old-school” fitness implements are cherished above all else.


Latest Workouts

WOD Tuesday 12/18/18

“Dopamine” 5 rounds for time of: 15/12 Assault Bike Calories 18/15 Row Calories 21 Shuttle Sprints, 10 m

WOD Monday 12/17/18

“Belly Flop” 21-15-9 reps, for time of: Box Jump Over, 24/20 in Power Clean, 115/80 lbs Chest-to-bar Pull-up Front Squat, 115/80 lbs Lateral Burpee Over Barbell Push Jerk, 115/80 lbs

Power Hour 12/17/18

Back Squat 5×2 at 85% 1RM Rest as needed between sets. Asst: Tabata front squats (75#/95#) :20 on/:10 off x 8 3 rounds: Banded KB Swings x20 Superset with… KB Side bends x20 each side

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